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Amazing talent and quality treatments. We'll make you feel and look like the celebrity you are!

More Than 40 Years of Industry Leading Expertise

Dr. Ronald Rosenblatt is a leader in Cosmetic Dentistry

Beverly Hills Dentist

‘‘As an industry expert, I know how to provide the best possible treatments, as a patient I know how I want my smile to look. Your wants and desires are my priority.

  • Renowned expert in the fields of restorative and cosmetic dentistry.
  • Fellow of the International Congress of Implant Dentistry
  • Fellow of the Academy of Reconstructive and Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Named one of the Ten Top Dentists worldwide
  • Widely published and quoted for his innovative procedures and techniques in cosmetic and restorative dentistry

‘‘I love my new smile. The result is even better than I thought it would be. I can't believe it happened in such a short time! I am sending my husband to Dr. Rosenblatt to have his teeth look as wonderful as mine do now. I know that he will look younger too.

- Alexa, Patient of Beverly Hills Dentist Dr. Rosenblatt

Comfortable and Comprehensive Dentistry

Improve your life with a beautiful smile

Dental Implants

Today, an implant has become a superior, more healthy and cost-effective option than keeping an unhealthy tooth, or alternatives that often need to be replaced again at a later point.


Porcelain Veneers

The world sees your smile every day. Porcelain veneers help Beverly Hills smiles be the best that they can be!


Smile Design

We all have a mental picture of our ideal smile; one that reflects our personality, our true inner self. Helping you make that picture a reality is Dr. Rosenblatt's life's work.


Experience and Respect

You'll notice it from the first phone call, we will make you feel right at home

No Waiting

There is something different about our office, there is no waiting room - because you won't be required to. Dr. Rosenblatt realizes your time is valuable and he promises to make the most of it.

Center of Attention

Whether you require a complex treatment plan or are interested in cosmetic dentistry in Beverly Hills, Dr. Ronald Rosenblatt can provide you the results you dream of.

Comfort First

Our cosmetic team greets you with warm smiles and a friendly tone. We make sure your comfort is front-and-center and you're treated like a celebrity!

The Celebrity Treatment

And red carpet smiles are just ahead