How well DO you understand Dental Insurance? Dr. Rosenblatt, Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist, helps explain the particulars of this confusing subject. Dental Insurance is very different than other types of insurance.  It is closer to an expense account with an annual limit.  Plans vary from company to company and plan to plan within companies, but […]

Save Your Loved Ones Life. Stop Sleep Apnea!

Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist, Dr. Ronald Rosenblatt, warns against putting up with snoring or gasping for breath by your sleeping partner.  It may well be signs of Sleep Apnea! Does your partner: Feel tired Have low energy Toss and turn Experience headaches   Sleep Apnea is due to the body not being able to get […]

Showing off your Smile in Beverly Hills

Now that you have this amazing smile, its time to show it off! We thought we would put together a few of our favorite local places to show off your smile and pamper the rest of you! Beverly Hills is full of restaurants, spas and beautiful “date spots” that will give you plenty of reasons […]

Does Vitamin D Help Combat Cavities?

As a parent, you simply want what’s best for your child, and that includes helping them achieve a healthy set of teeth. Of course, it’s easier said than done. Your child’s desire for junk food, sugary drinks, and a general lack of enthusiasm towards brushing and flossing can pose challenges in accomplishing sound oral health. […]