Sleep Apnea Treatment

Stop Trudging Through Your Day! Dr. Rosenblatt, a top dentist in Beverly Hills, helps patients get a good nights sleep.

CustomiZzzed Sleep Apnea Solutions

An older man smiles and looks relaxed thanks to his Dentists in Beverly Hills Sleep Apnea Treatment

We all want a restful, invigorating night of sleep. For those who snore, or live with those who do, that can be a challenging goal to achieve. Chronic snoring is sometimes a forerunner to sleep apnea - a more serious health issue.

Beverly Hills sleep apnea dentist and expert Dr. Rosenblatt is a sleep apnea success story himself. After realizing the source of his daytime weariness, he created a unique nighttime mouth guard and has not snored since.

‘‘I’m very mindful and sensitive to how my patients feel and act; of their current energy level or speed of speech. There are certain signs.
Beverly Hills Sleep Apnea Dentist, Dr. Rosenblatt

Do You?

  • Feel Tired
  • Have Low Energy
  • Experience Headaches
  • Toss and Turn

If you are among the 80 million Americans who snore, get checked and get energized! Get help by Dr. Ronald Rosenblatt.

‘‘Sleep is that golden chain that ties health and our bodies together.

- Thomas Dekker

Dentistry for Your Health and Well-Being

Sleep apnea occurs when the soft tissue of the throat partially or fully closes your airway for longer than 10 seconds. The resulting oxygen deprivation causes poor, fitful sleep at night and mild to extreme fatigue during the day.

Dr. Rosenblatt works in partnership with a respiratory therapist to treat dental patients and sleep apnea sufferers and cure the problem. You are custom-fitted with a comfortable oral appliance that re-aligns your jaw slightly forward during sleep, optimizing air flow through your nose and mouth. It’s a certified, reliable, affordable, and efficient way to eradicate troublesome snoring and avoid the long-term damage that sleep loss can cause: weight gain, high blood pressure, muscle pain, memory problems, and cardiovascular disease.

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