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At our practice, we encourage each and every patient to become educated about their health and developments in cosmetic dentistry.

Dentist in Beverly Hills CA
Dentist in Beverly Hills CA
Dentist in Beverly Hills CA

Living in Beverly Hills means it takes a little bit extra to get noticed. Nothing can be overlooked, especially our smiles. Regular visits to one of the best dentists in Beverly Hills, California, however, will keep those gorgeous pearly whites ever-ready to shine. Doing so means taking exceptional care of the fundamentals.

Nothing brings back your old youthful appearance easier and faster than restoring your vertical dimension that has been lost due to the wearing down of your teeth over time. The first change our guests notice is the softening and often the complete loss of wrinkles around their mouth as we restore their lost vertical dimension. And that is even before they open their mouth and show their great new smile. We refer to this as a "mini facelift" that gives a MAXI result. Let us show you how we can restore that youthful look you may have lost!

A clean mouth is a beautiful mouth. Yellowed teeth, receding gums, and halitosis may all be the results of poor hygiene. Thankfully, you can help reverse the effects of neglected hygienic care and contribute to a solid routine that will ensure your continued, effective maintenance. In addition to that, beautiful teeth exist in a healthy environment. Plaque and decay are unsightly, especially when fixed with low-grade materials. A dentist of a higher class will be able to correct any health issues without compromising the aesthetic value of your teeth. And when your teeth, gums, and mouth are in top shape, any further cosmetic issues you may have can be professionally and competently addressed.

Clearly, to get noticed in this world you need to be your best, not simply look your best. When it comes to your teeth, you need a Beverly Hills dentist who can take care of both!

‘‘I only wish that I had changed my smile years ago! My new smile surpassed my expectations and I couldn't be more thrilled with the outcome!

- Sean, Beverly Hills Patient

Dental Office or Spa? You Decide

Dentist in Beverly Hills CA

From the moment you step inside our Beverly Hills office, each visit feels more like a trip to your favorite spa, rather than a dental appointment. Our team greets you with warm smiles and the mild aroma of lemon-scented towels in the air. We make sure your comfort is front-and-center, and that you're treated like a celebrity every time!

At our state-of-the-art dental practice, we invest 100% of our focus and knowledge into your oral health. By using advanced, cutting-edge technologies and practices, Dr. Rosenblatt can craft individualized treatment plans for all his patients.

Forget about your day for a while. Relax in an atmosphere of tranquility and comfort while Dr. Rosenblatt transforms your smile into a stunning portrait of natural beauty.


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