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Cutting-Edge Technology

Utilizing tomorrows technology today.

IntraOral Camera

Detect even the smallest abnormality in real time.

Pro-Select Ultrasonic Scaler

Delivers up to three heated irrigation solutions.

Periodontal Laser

Provides precision gum contouring and medical application.

Digital K-7 Bite Analysis

Ensures proper alignment and a symmetrical smile.

ViziLite Plus

Quick and painless oral cancer exam using a special luminescent light.

Antibiotic Therapy

Topical antibiotics to facilitate immediate healing.

This is just a small example of the advanced instrumentation available to our dentist in Beverly Hills, Dr. Rosenblatt. When combined with more than 40 years dental office experience and an exceptional team of specialized members, the world-class expertise at Dr. Rosenblatt’s disposal is truly extraordinary. If you are looking for the best dentist, you are in the right place!

‘‘I didn't like cameras until I came to this office! I love you,
Dr. Rosenblatt! I love my new teeth!

- TJ Griffin, Actual Patient

How Do We Create Comfort?

Through genuine compassion, information, and masterful techniques.

Combine that and you get:

  • One of the best smiles in Beverly Hills
  • "Zero-wait" appointments - we respect your time
  • A professional anesthesiologist on staff
  • A professional surgeon on staff
  • A family atmosphere - like coming home
  • A team that always remembers your name
  • Lemon-scented towels and Chenille blankets
  • "In Your Own Bed" Sleep Tests

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Enjoy a complete oral and health history exam, study models, digital bite registration, X-rays (if necessary), digital photos, and smile imaging.